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2011 Point Shows will run January 2011 - December 2011

For any info about OYMGA please contact:
Jamie Pruitt 
(918) 637-0180

Below you will find the requirements to hold a sanctioned show.

Sanctioned Show Requirements

  • Each show must follow OYMGA Rules and Regulations.  If OYMGA rules are not followed the points will not count for that show/division.

  • Each show will be required to pay a $2.50 per head fee ($4.00 per head fee if you would like OYMGA ribbons) for show sanctioning fee. 100% of this money will go towards the youth goat showmen and the end of the year banquet and awards.

  • All sanctioned shows will payback at least 60% of the entry fee.

  • All applications and fees will be on a first come, first served basis. Show dates will be reserved when OYMGA executive secretary receives the application and certification fees. Flyers and advertisements cannot be published until notification of being sanctioned by the OYMGA. Having a booking in a previous show season does not reserve a date for the next season. No verbal commitments will be given for the reservation of show dates. The OYMGA reserves the right to refuse sanctioning of a show. If this should occur, the applying organization will be notified within 30 days.

  • Shows conducted on the same day must have a minimum distance of 100 miles. Shows that are in conjunction with one another must provide complete sanctioning forms within the same week to be considered as dual shows.

  • The sanctioned show will allow the OYMGA to display a banner, accept membership applications, and sell OYMGA related merchandise without commission of fees at the event.

  • OYMGA sanctioned shows must be open to all Jr. Exhibitors 18 years old and under or have not completed high school. No regional or county shows will be sanctioned.

  • Judges’ names must be provided within 30 days of notification of the show being sanctioned or with the application if the show date is less than 90 days away.

  • Sanctioned Show Results

  • Each show must provide the exhibitor’s first and last name.

  • Each show must provide the final show results with placing of each class, number of entries in each class and a total number of entries in the show. The show must provide the grand and reserve champion for each show and which class the animals were from. The show must also provide the showmanship results.

  • All OYMGA requirements must be met, including show results being turned in on time and in proper format.

  • All show results and the $2.00 or $4.00 per head money must be turned in to the OYMGA no later than 14 days from the date of the show for any points to be counted.

  • In an effort to publicize the OYMGA, please take pictures of Champions, Reserve Champions, and class winners at your show and send them in with your results (this is not a requirement, just a request).

  • All show results must be mailed to:

  • Jamie Heston
    41946 W. 131st St. S. Bristow, OK 74010
    E-mail to:







    -All youth members must be 18 years of age and under as of January 1, no minimum age

    -Each member will turn in the application provided by the OYMGA and a copy of their           birth certificate

    -Each member will pay yearly dues of $10




    -The member or their immediate family must own the animal being shown

    -If a complaint is made about the ownership of an animal, a committee will be appointed to investigate the complaint

    -If the committee finds the member is not abiding by the ownership rule then all acquired points will be forfeited




    -There will be 2 divisions of goats, market wethers and prospect does

    -All prospect does must have milk teeth, no tooth rule on wethers

    -No painting, powdering, or artificial coloring is allowed

    -All market wethers must be shorn to 3/8 of an inch, prospect does will be groomed to exhibitors liking

    -Goats will be free of any health or skin illness

    -All goats will be weighed prior to show time by the exhibitor on official scales with weight cards being turned in by time stated.

    -At least the top 3 animals will be weighed back in 2 classes from both does & wethers.  Those classes will be picked at random by the judge prior to start of show.  If an animal is weighed out that entry is not allowed in the show.  No Exceptions!!!

    -Bracing will be allowed on the wether goats only.  All four feet have to be on the ground.  There will be NO bracing of the does.

    -The classes will be divided as close to a min. of 5 and a max. of 15 per class with no limit on the number of classes.




    -Each class will award points based on the number of animals in that class.  Example, 10 goats in a  class would result in the first place receiving 10 points and last receiving 1

    -The judge will place all goats in the class to make sure the OYMGA points system is followed.

    -Points will be counted on the exhibitors 2 highest placing animals in each division.

    -Points will be counted on does & wether separately

    -The OYMGA will host 6 required shows.  Each member will be required to attend 3 of the six required shows to be eligible for year end awards.

    -Only the top 5 shows in each division will be counted.  Members can show in as many shows as they like but only the top 5 shows will be counted for points.

    -Grand champion will always receive 25 points, Reserve Champion will always receive 20 points.  They will receive no class points for that animal winning Grand or Reserve.

    -Only members will be eligible for points

    -Points in all classes will be awarded to the youth member, no points awarded to the animal

    -New members must pay dues by show start time to receive points for that show

    -Substitute showmen are acceptable.  Youth members will receive points for the substitute showman placings if said member is showing another animal in the same class

    -Each year the last show will count for double points

    -Year end awards will be calculated in each division with awards being given in each division

    -Show results and points will be posted at www.oklahomameatgoatassociation.com




    -Showmanship will be divided into classes based on age as of January 1.

                PeeWee (5&Under)

                Junior (6-8)

                Intermediate (9-13)

                Senior (14-18)

    -Points will be given in each age division

    -These points will be kept separately from goat points

    -Year end awards will be given based on these points

    -Judge will place top 5 showman in each division

    -Points will be kept as followed:

                1st = 12 points

                2nd = 10 points

                3rd = 8 points

                4th = 6 points

                5th = 4 points

    -Only top 5 shows will be counted for year end awards

    -In the event of a tie for year end awards, 1 bonus point will be awarded for every show you participate in showmanship in.


    All youth members and their families are expected to conduct themselves with a good sportsmanlike attitude and conduct.  Failure to do this will result in forfeiture of all points.  These shows are for the youth to learn more about the goats and mainly to have fun.